How We Determine Value

To Get You The Best Price Possible, We Have a Team Of Dedicated Buyers Who Appraise Your Vehicle

Our team of buyers has decades of experience between them, spending their days researching and evaluating vehicles in the marketplace. We maintain a pre-owned inventory of several hundred vehicles from all manner of sources and it is the day to day responsibility of our team to intimately understand used car values.

1. Schedule An Appointment For Your Appraisal

Our team of appraisers work by appointment only to keep your wait time for a value to an absolute minimum.

2. Your Car Undergoes A Thorough Inspection

Our team will evaluate your vehicle with the same care and concern we put into every single purchase we make.

  • We begin with a walk around and examination of your vehicle
  • Next, our buyers take note of the year, make, model, mileage and generation condition
  • This inspection includes considering the options your vehicle is equipped with, as well as any additional accessories you may have added since purchase
  • A test drive of the vehicle helps confirm mechanical condition, ensuring that your care and maintenance of the vehicle reflects our top dollar offer
  • A vehicle history report is checked
  • Market factors for your vehicle and similar models are taken into account including local, regional and national sales trends and auction values from multiple sources

3. A Value Is Presented Based On Our Research

After careful consideration, our buyer and product team will present you with a written offer valid at our locations to purchase your vehicle. This does not need to be redeemed immediately and as with all major purchases or sales, we understand that you may need time to consider the offer.

4. Sell Us Your Car

Once you’ve had sufficient time to consider the offer, the next step is to let us go to work. We can have a vehicle transaction handled in as little as half an hour and get a check in your hands usually the same day or the following day.
Please review what you will need to bring with you to complete your transaction. Remember, this isn’t just a rough idea of your car’s value – we’re making an offer to buy, then and there. We value our local customers and are always happy to help, whether or not you opt to purchase your next vehicle with us. There are many reasons to purchase from – and sell to – Progressive, so please let us help make your experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible.