Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take trades?

Yes. We are always accepting vehicles on trade, regardless of what you are interested in purchasing. You can schedule a consultation with one of our professional appraisers as well as a product specialist. They will not only get you a top dollar offer for your vehicle, but also help you find the nicer, newer car you want to take home.

2. Can you buy my car?
Yes. Whether or not you choose to purchase your next vehicle from us, we would be happy to provide you a free, professional appraisal of your vehicle and a top dollar offer to buy it from you.

3. Can you appraise cars over the internet?
In order to get you the most money and provide accurate, up to date information, we require all vehicle appraisals be performed in person at our dealership. Once our professional appraiser has had a chance to drive and inspect your vehicle, they will provide you with a written offer to purchase your vehicle from you.

4. What exactly does an appraisal involve?
Should you have questions regarding the appraisal of your car, speak with the appraiser who built your offer. They will be happy to explain in detail how they came to that price, including the factors which influenced their decision. You can speak with a product specialist to get more details as well.

5. What happens after you buy a car?
After a vehicle is purchased by our dealership, it is placed through an extensive inspection and reconditioning process. Vehicles which pass this rigorous 110-point inspection are brought up to our stringent standards for mechanical safety and condition, detailed and photographed before being placed on our vehicle lot for sale. Those vehicles which do not pass our safety standards will be sold at auction or to other dealers.

6. Why is your offer not the same as retail pricing?
There are several reasons why these values are different. Retail pricing includes the costs associated with applying warranties, service and reconditioning a vehicle to bring it up to our strict standards. All vehicles that we purchase, no matter the source, must meet these standards or they will not be made available for sale on our lot.

7. Will I get more at your other store?
Your written offer is good at any of our locations. If you are trading a vehicle in, there may be additional programs available for you depending on the vehicle you intend to purchase which will impact your final price, but will not impact the offer you receive for your current car. One of our product specialists will be happy to go over the options available to you.

8. How is your appraisal different from another dealer?
Our offers are valid regardless of whether or not you intend to purchase a vehicle from us. We have several professional buyers and appraisers on staff who specialize in assigning values to vehicles, allowing us to provide you this service quickly and efficiently.

9. How do I get an offer for my car?
Your car can be professionally appraised at no cost to you at our dealership when it is brought in. Our appraisers operate by appointment due to the high demand for this service, so click here to schedule your time to come in.

10. Is the offer you gave me negotiable?
No. Our top dollar, written offers are designed to keep haggling to a minimum and save you time and money.

11. Will modifications affect the offer I receive?
Alterations to a vehicle are valued based on their desirability in the marketplace. We price all of our vehicles according to market values and some modifications may reduce that amount. Some modifications can have a negative impact on the amount remaining or status of a manufacturers or third party warranty, which can alter the value of that vehicle in the market.

12. Do I need an appointment to get an appraisal?
Yes. Our professional appraisers work by appointment only, which you can arrange here.

13. Do maintenance or repairs affect the offer I receive?
The mechanical and cosmetic condition of your vehicle can influence the amount our appraisers are willing to offer. Routine maintenance procedures and necessary repairs can help maximize the amount available in the marketplace for your vehicle.

14. What if not everyone on the title can be at your dealership?
If all owning parties mentioned on the title cannot be present, we advise speaking to one of our product specialists to determine your best course of action. There are circumstances where not all parties can be available and in such events, some states allow for a Power Of Attorney in the case of vehicle purchases. If you have questions regarding this process, a product specialist or business manager at our dealership would be happy to detail what steps can be taken to ensure that you can complete your transaction as quickly and efficiently as desired.

15. Can I sell you a car that is leased?
In most circumstances a vehicle under a lease may be sold like any other car. We perform an appraisal, assign a value, make an offer and draw up paperwork. Please remember that some leasing companies do not allow for a vehicle to be sold prior to lease expiration. If you have further questions, we advise contacting your leasing company.

16. What if the appraisal is less than I owe on the car still?
If the value required to pay off your vehicle is less than the amount offered, this is referred to as “negative equity”. When we purchase a vehicle it must be purchased in total from the bank including any outstanding balance above and beyond vehicle value. In many cases when purchasing another vehicle and using your existing car as trade, this dollar amount can be factored into your new financing agreement. If you are solely selling your car to us, the difference in dollar amount can be managed by many forms of legal tender, but the simplest, preferred and most common method is by certified check.

17. If I sell you my car, can I get it back?
No. All car purchases from customer to dealer are final. We sell our vehicles to customers at retail, which will only occur after a vehicle has been through service and reconditioning and brought up to our strict standards.

18. What if I still have a lien against my car?
During business hours we will need to contact your lien holder to acquire a 15 day payoff amount. In order to pay this value off when purchasing your vehicle, we will need the lien holders name and phone number, the name (or names) on the account as well as the lien holder’s account number and social security number. If you have a paid off lien associated with your car’s title, we will require both the lien release from the lien holder and your title prior to our purchase of your car.

19. Can I sell a car as a representative of a company?
If you are looking to sell a car on behalf of a company rather than an individual, please contact a product specialist to go over your available options.