5 Reasons To Sell To Us

We Are Always In The Market To Buy

At Progressive Auto Group, we are always in the market to purchase your vehicle even if you aren’t in the market to buy one of ours.

We are interested in your vehicle regardless of the year, make, model, mileage or condition it is in – every vehicle has value here.

We Make Selling Your Car Fast, Easy And Convenient

We understand you’ve got a busy schedule and we’ll do our best to see to it you don’t waste your time haggling to sell your car.

Why hassle with posting your car, fielding phone calls, dealing with folks who just want to kick tires, calling the bank for payoff information, juggling paperwork – we’re specialized in taking care of all of those details, saving you time as well as money.

Selling your car to us can take as little as 30 minutes and we’ll cut you a check usually that same day or the following day.

Our Team Of Professional Appraisers

Our staff of professional appraisers spend their days examining, investigating and evaluating vehicles – it’s their specialty, and with their years of experience in the car industry they’re able to quickly establish a top dollar offer. We have found time and again that our best resource to purchase cars is our local community, saving on transportation costs and letting us include more money in our offer to you.

Would you rather buy a car sight unseen from across the country, or someplace close where you can see it, drive it and really know about it? Yeah, we’d prefer to buy local, too.

We Will Show You How We Arrived At Our Offer

We include factors such as market availability and supply, current retail pricing, vehicle history, features and options and even the color of your vehicle – all in the pursuit of making sure you get a precise, up to the minute value for your car.

What’s more, we’ll gladly explain how we came to our decision on value, showing you all the elements that influenced our decision. The “book” might tell someone new to the auto industry how much a generic vehicle might be worth, but our experienced, professional appraisers show you how much your vehicle is worth – you’ve driven it and cared for it, shouldn’t you get the price for it you deserve?

We Help You Skip The Headaches And Hassles

It’s more than just making the paperwork less of a hassle, or saving on listing fees. It’s even more than not needing to meet a bunch of strangers who just want to give you a low-ball offer to buy your car you have listed for as long as it takes to sell your car.

It’s all of that and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it will all be handled right. No buyer trying to get you to take your car back because they changed their mind, no questionable payment methods, surprise issues with title transfer or dealing with doubts over whether or not the person buying your car can finance it after all.

Selling to us means selling to a reputable business that’s been in operation in our community since 1937. We have the experience, resources and dedication needed to see you get the offer, peace of mind, ease of sale and speedy transaction you deserve. All that it takes is to schedule an appraisal and let us go to work.