Dan Leone, Service Technician at Progressive Chevrolet

January 16th, 2020 by

Progressive Chevrolet Service Technician Dan Leone

Dan’s 35-year career at Progressive Chevrolet began in high school, when he worked part time through his auto mechanics class.

As a service technician, Dan diagnoses vehicle issues and tests drivability and fixes problems.

“What I like about my job is it’s not the same every day,” says Dan. “I really like the electrical work. With electrical issues, the situation is different in depending on the vehicle, so it keeps things interesting.”

In his free time, Dan enjoys being with his family, camping and flying small-craft airplanes. He became a pilot in 1991 and originally planned to fly professionally but opted for a career that allowed him to be home while his son grew up. He continues to fly as a hobby and now his son and nephew are both airline pilots as well. They flew from Ohio to Ocean City, MD, just to spend the day at the beach.

Dan describes the company culture of Progressive as “a family.” He said everyone knows each other well. Many of the employees have worked there for years, and people enjoy coming to work.

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