Low Price Guarantee


Progressive Chevrolet is confident that our prices are as low as or lower than you are likely to pay for the same
new vehicle purchased from any of our competitors. If another Chevrolet dealership in Ohio offers to sell you
the same new vehicle, let us know. If we don’t beat the competing dealership’s price, we’ll give you $10,000.00!

To take advantage of our New Car Lower Price Guarantee, all you have to do is:

Bring us a written purchase offer from the other dealership. If you have already obtained a written
purchase offer from Progressive Chevrolet, you must provide us with proof of the lower price offer
within five (5) days of the date that you obtain a written purchase offer from Progressive Chevrolet.
Five (5) days means the fifth day (including weekends) after the date of the written purchase offer
counting the next day as the first.

The written purchase offer from the other dealership must be hand delivered by you to Progressive
Chevrolet and must (i) be an original written purchase offer for a new car or truck and signed by an
authorized dealership representative (photocopies will not be accepted); (ii) contain the dealership’s
name, address and telephone number; and (iii) identify the vehicle’s year, make, model and vehicle
identification number and the cash price of the vehicle.

The purchase price that must be beat by Progressive Chevrolet will be the cash price for the vehicle
before manufacturer or dealer rebates, trade allowances, incentives, optional products and services, or
dealer-installed options and shall not include any taxes, title or registration fees, documentary service
charges, or any item other than the cash price of the vehicle.

Progressive Chevrolet must have a vehicle of the same year, make, model, trim, equipment, and MSRP
as the vehicle described in the written purchase offer obtained from the other dealership in stock and
available for immediate delivery (i.e. the vehicle must be a new car or truck with the same
equipment/pre-installed accessories and must be physically present on Progressive Chevrolet’s lot).
Special event, special order, demonstrator, damaged, and factory official vehicles are excluded from this

If Progressive Chevrolet does not beat the competing dealership’s price, you must bring an original of
the retail purchase/lease agreement (not a photocopy) signed by you and the Authorized Dealership
Representative to us within five (5) days of the date upon which you received the written purchase offer
from Progressive Chevrolet.

Progressive Chevrolet must be able to verify that the vehicle was actually purchased or leased from the
competing dealership for the price agreed upon in the written purchase agreement presented by you
and that you accepted delivery of the vehicle before being obligated to issue a check made payable to
you in the amount of $10,000.00. A check will be issued to you within seven (7) days of Progressive
Chevrolet verifying that you purchased/leased and accepted delivery of the vehicle from the other
dealership. You are only eligible for one payment under this Lower Price Guarantee in any twelve (12)
month period. You are responsible for picking up the check at Progressive Chevrolet, for signing a
receipt to acknowledge your receipt of the payment and for paying any applicable taxes related to
money received pursuant to this promotion.

The terms “other dealer”, “other dealership” and “competing dealership” refer to authorized franchise
dealerships that sell the same line and make of new vehicles as Progressive Chevrolet and are licensed
and located in the State of Ohio. This offer does not apply to online offers or buying services, to offers
from dealerships located outside of Ohio, or to factory and supplier employee pricing. This promotion
expires on May 31, 2018.